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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Heard a story; Adam and Lynnie Plate arrived in Oodnadatta about 25 years ago – him riding a camel and her riding a donkey. They now own and operate the Pink Roadhouse.

He’s been fixing punctures for blokes like me travelling the Oodnadatta Track (and other tracks) for about 25 years. (Thankfully we didn’t need his services.) We didn’t meet him but did meet his wife at the Roadhouse.
After our stay in Oodnadatta, we headed for the Painted Desert, arguably one of Australia’s prettiest spots. We also found along that track Arckaringa Station where Hobbsy made us feel welcome. We camped there the night and enjoyed both his hospitality and the showers provided at the campsite.
 Can you see the corrugations? No wonder we're in need of replacing a few of the bits n pieces.

Upon leaving Arckaringa Station (campsite above) we wandered slowly through more Painted Desert country. Actually we did 35 km the first hour and 40 km the second hour as we headed for THE BITUMEN. The bitumen (Stuart Highway) took us through Marla and on to the SA/NT border where we set up camp for the night along with seven other assorted rigs. Had good free facilities there. No phone coverage or I’d have rung you!
Got mixed up with 2 photographers - check out Silvi and Ollie.

 This sure is picturesque country round here. Glad you like it.

  [More story tomorrow. Actually I'm pleased to report we have made it into Alice Springs on Sunday morning. Trouble is I've still got pix and story to share. I'll add stuff on Rainbow Valley tomorrow. We only just made it out after having 2 sleeps there. Nearly got flooded in. Snuck out this morning by the skin of our teeth. Thanks Lord.]


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