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Wednesday, April 04, 2012


This is a beautifully restored Jeep. It's a combat military Jeep, manufactured by Ford Motor Company 1942. It's classed as a GPW 4x4. Used for general purpose workhorse in many countries.

 Apparently they only had a small sized engine. Paddy Dillon bought it from Cliff Booth of Barham back in the 60s. Somebody had painted it WHITE! Probably Cliff's son Alan or even his daughter Sandy. Paddy got it sandblasted. Would you believe Fay and I knew the Booth family well and went to college with their daughter Sandy.

 It's been garaged all of its life too. I used to go roo shooting in it back in the 60s.

 All the paint work has been beautifully done with numbers and decals researched and done professionally.

 Oh, the "monster" above the windscreen is a new addition!

Paddy, you've done an excellent job. Wonder what it'd be worth if it was put up for sale?


At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Sandy said...

Gosh Keasty, How on earth did you find our jeep. I learnt to drive on that machine and taught the neighbours and half Barham to drive on it too. I think I could write a book about it and the escapades we had in it with Cliff. It was pretty handy in the floods also and on those clay roads; made driving in the snow o/s a breeze...


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