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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 It's always good to see a cyclist who can do his own mechanical adjustments and repairs. Reckon Jim Blaxland will snap this fella up when a vacancy arises.

 This guy has graduated to riding without training wheels. It's sometimes a bit tough getting much riding in in the big smoke, so he is right into it down here with Nan and Fa. Maybe he could be on standby for the Broome-Perth-Sydney trip next year.

 Even #3 is not gonna miss out. This bloke (nearly 2) I figure might be the boss of his brothers in the days to come. He certainly doesn't like others trying to tell him what to do!

 Things got a bit competitive at one stage. Maybe that seat could go up a bit Bren!

See... the mechanic can ride! Even rode to the shop and back today.
Days have just cracked 20 (but sunny) and nights around 8 or 10. Glorious really.


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