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Saturday, April 28, 2012


 Bit late getting the photo of the barramundi (fish). It was served with "truffled infused Saffron mashed potato and a white wine mustard sauce." The Penfolds Chardonnay went very well with it too. The other option was steak.

 Here the deserts get shared so that Fay and I each get a taste of the 2 items.

 The band for the evening was IN TATTERS! How 'bout that? They were really GREAT as you can see from the following pix.

 Malcolm and Gay from Gerringong on NSW South Coast. Doesn't he look young?

 Rhonda and Bruce from Balgownie were in amongst it also.

 Here's our intrepid secretary Brendon (pointing the finger at his wife Joan, our ex president.) Just couldn't warm him up enough to remove his vest. But the showed the was hot dancers nonetheless. They're from Yarrambat in Victoria.

 Here's a young chick and an old bloke trying to keep pace with the rest of the gang.

Our vice president said a few words and thanked the caterers and the band for helping to make the night such a success. Cliff comes from Garran in the ACT.

Marree's trying to hit......

.... these bits.........
 ...and these fellas have to count. (I think that's what happens.) This was just one Saturday arvo activity.


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