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Monday, April 23, 2012


Headed into NT (Northern territory for the benefit of any body from outside Aust ). Once again no phone internet or microwave available. (I mention the microwave because Fay appreciates a heated up wheat pack on some of her joints both during and after sleep.)
Once more we were blown away by the beauty of this awesome site – Rainbow Valley (and sometimes the flies as you can see). We were so moved we decided we’d stay two nights. That would get us into Alice Springs (only 100 km) on Sunday 22 April, one day ahead of schedule. If you’re reading this we most probably did make it! If you’re not reading this, don’t bother, OK? 

This is actually our 3rd visit to RV, and we appreciate the improvements made to the place and especially the road. There would still be a heap of people who’d prefer not to drive in on this road (and who can blame them.) But, we’re glad we did. Guess we’ll have to replace a few pop rivets, attend to the wiring, check out battery scene, see what we can do about the “floating” cooktop and fix two drawers that have come apart. Oh, and the door. The avan’s held up pretty well really.
Small world. Only a handful of people here at RV. One lass is from Mollymook, one couple from Bermagui, Owen & Marree Bruce were here yesterday and they’re from Nowra and of course we’re from Sussex Inlet. All NSW south coasters. Othere folk Bob & Mary are from Engadine, slightly further afield. Then of course there’s Bevan and Kathy from Nanango in Qld.
 Maybe this is the first time anybody's ridden a Bike Friday at Rainbow Valley.
 Here we are having a celebration drink with Marree and Owen Bruce from Nowra. They're here for the Avan gathering in Alice also.

Two (of the many) shots I took of RV. If you can make out the tree in the centre of the "dip", we walked around the back and up to that tree. Huge claypan in front which filled with water the morning we headed out and on to Alice. 
Monday 23 is the start of the Avan Gathering in Alice Springs. Tell you more next time. 


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