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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Staying in Sydney with #1 daughter (DM) for a few sleeps. Will be able to help son-in-law (BM) with the kids when DM goes to Melbourne for a brief 2 day work commitment.
Jump outa bed. 2 kids being fed - LM and CM. 
DM is getting ready to go. I am the designated driver of the new flash Honda…it’s my job to drive her (and 2 kids) to the airport.  Actually she does the driving. And she also takes 2 kids that AREN’T going to Melbourne. They can come for the ride. OM and CM. 
On the way to the airport – I’m in the front passenger seat – she drives, puts on favourite songs from the complex screen on the dash as they are asked for by various children, checks what terminal she will be departing from, answers various questions from those who are going on the journey and those who are staying at home. She is a most capable mother/driver/communicator/daughter etc.
We arrive at the airport drop off spot. She has just given me instructions about the pickup on Sunday night at 7 pm. Where to go, how to get there, what are the pitfalls etc. I’m digesting these when the car stops – we have reached the drop off spot. 2 kids, 2 bags, one mother, one stroller all get out. One grandfather and 2 small children in car seats remain.
Goodbye, seeya Sunday at seven. DM plus 2 kids and gear have gone. One in a stroller (NM). It's a special treat for LM who will get to spend time with his godmother. What do they call it - quality time. (Isn't all time "quality"?)
OK. Gotta change the screen from music information to maps… shouldn’t be too difficult. Gotta punch in HOME so the car tells me where to go. We're still at the airport.  Two kids are giving their opinions… always handy at a time like this, especially when neither kid actually goes to school yet. Oh, why won’t the car move off? There’s a problem. While I’m waiting, a Sydney driver has come and parked in front of me. Thanks mate!
Oh yes, I remember. The footbrake is push on with the left foot, and also push off. Yep, got it! That was easy…especially once you remembered and found the foot pedal. Now forward. (Funny place to have the gearstick – in the dash! At least you can’t miss it.)
After some attempts I manage to find the maps on the GPS screen…. favourites…press the picture of “home”.
Funny how every GPS is different. Each one has its own advantages and each one needs to be learnt. Am I too old to learn that sort of thing?
It is not a long journey back to “base”. I arrive there and feel far more confident as I park the car…the flash new Honda with all the gadgets. See, I mastered the GPS system and the traffic and two children. 
I wonder how people manage who are actually older than I am?  
Now which of these two kids didn’t have breakfast before we left? Rice Bubbles or WeetBix? 


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