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Wednesday, December 05, 2012


 What a minefield it is for us to select a toy or book or game for our current crop of kids. So many things to consider. Sometimes we are surprised by what a child actually does cherish.
 Despite our best intentions and what we think about the selection, the kid might just not like it. Of course sometimes kids will pick up something later. Maybe read that book we bought for him a bit later.
 Then of course parents have the right to veto don't they? They should chuck out - I mean recycle - stuff their kids no longer use. It is great to see good things either sold on ebay, given to 2nd hand shops or even given to a home where they can be loved and enjoyed. Strike, I could use that ukelele!
 The neat thing is that sometimes a book, a car, a doll or whatever, can be "gold" to a child.
 Great that kids have various toys that can be shared and enjoyed by either the family of even wider than that. Yes, sharing of toys is really important. A good social skill.
 Great to see my grandkids playing this game together. A friendly situation - not too much pressure.
My daughter and her husband have shared her "toy" with us. It's good fun to share, but it does chew through a bit of super fuel.
Do you share your toys? Who with? I mean With whom? 


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