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Monday, December 24, 2012


2:19 am. I wake. I did have a coffee at 9:10 pm... is that the problem? The cause?
2:22 am. That’s what’s showing on the digital clock beside the bed (called the bedside digital clock.)
I remember I blogged about how when a person wakes during the night, he might check out the time on the digital clock and that might jog his memory of a particular car make or model or engine size. This would be no good for Bryan T (Iowa) or cousin Brian K (Kiama, NSW) as they don’t know all that much about this subject – at least I don’t think they do.
So, I start thinking... will I be awake at 2:40 am? That reminds me of the Volvo 240. (Get the idea?) Funny that there’s not a 222. Should be a Porsche 222 I reckon. Can’t think why though.
2:30 am. Yeah, I know there’s a Mercedes Benz 230. Great. Relieved to actually see this as I was thinking about it.
2:40 am. Great! Volvo! I have driven one of these. You do have to ACTUALLY see the exact digits – you’re not allowed to cheat. For example, if you missed 2:40, then you couldn’t “tick it off” till that time tomorrow morning.
2:49 am. Nothing that I can remember.
Sometimes you wake and find the pillow is preventing you from seeing all the digits. You have to rearrange the pillow. Wife – still sleeping. She doesn’t understand this syndrome – she has enough of her own ones.
What do I wanna see next? 3:00 am? I think 302 is a Holden engine. Isn’t it? Then if I’m still awake there’ll be a string of Peugeots... 304, 305, 306, 307 (I have one of these) and then 308. That probably starts to get me into the BMW range...
Is this a syndrome? A condition? An illness? Gotta be. Is there any medication? Maybe a non-medical solution? I mean, can you imagine being operated on for D.E.A.S. (Digital Engine Analaysis Syndrome)?
2:53 am. I’m sure there was a Holden with a 253. Was that a big engine? Should ask nephew Stuart, he’d know. I guess some numbers are cubic centimetres, some are cubic inches and some are...maybe something else.
Do you have paper and pencil at the side of your bed in case you wake at 4:18 am and want to make a note of your thoughts? Quite handy really. Small torch is good too. Don’t wake the bride though.
2:56 am. At least she IS still asleep.
It should be banned – putting such numbers on the backs of cars. Why don’t they put ’em on the front?
Solutions to the syndrome? Easy. Get rid of the digital clock! Who gives a stuff what time you woke and went to the loo or didn’t go to the loo during the night anyway? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
The MB is 300 isn’t it? Maybe a Datsun too?
G’night. Hope I’m asleep when those Pugs start rolling through.   


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