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Saturday, July 06, 2013

FLOODS and WINTER NIGHTIES - not related

These pictures show Sussex Inlet after the recent heavy rains and high tides. Makes the place look like Venice. We live 8 km south of this township.
 I really don't think this nightie will cut it during the cold winter nights. Days have been lows of 8 and 10 degrees and highs of 18 - 21. Pretty good weather actually.
 I found this one on the internet. Thought I'd buy this for my bride, but they only had it in S size.
This is the one I've ordered. DON'T TELL THE BRIDE PLEASE! It looks pretty neat. Hope it fits her OK.  Would you like a photo of Fay wearing it when it arrives?
Off to Kenthurst (in Sydney) for the annual bonfire night. Actually it'll be a LONG weekend for us. We're taking Jan Smart as well. There'll be about 20 - 30 ex Wagga Wagga Teachers College students there. Really looking forward to it.


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