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Thursday, December 05, 2013


 Every couple of years we head off somewhere. Of course there are still weekends away, plus trips to Mudgee (or wherever) mixed in with these longer trips.

 Griffins towed with their Mazda MX5 (above) while we did the job with our (just as new) Hyundai ix35.
 Both vehicles were quite economical and did the job capably. Our vans weigh about 900+ kg each.
The Fitzpatricks (at the rear of this picture) towed their lighter Aliner with their aging Subaru Forrester.
Do you want to come on the next trip? Book in now. No down payment. Seeya. Pick up an avan... and away you go. (Where do you wanna go? We haven't decided as yet!!)
Not sure whether Bernie is doing some maintenance or whether he's just having a short kip. He's famous for both of these activities.


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