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Thursday, January 01, 2015


His stance is motionless. Is he breathing? Anticipation! He is prepared. He will not fail. His eyes are on the prize, on the goal. He will not allow other things to ruin part of the play.
Still he waits and watches. When is it going to happen? Will the "century" elude him or will he be successful this time. He waits for the right opportunity.
Can't help but think of S Marsh (Aussie cricketer) who failed to reach his century this week. Patience eluded him right when he needed it most. He had "done the hard yards" and it looked like it'd happen, but.... he just couldn't keep a rational mind and move from 99 to 100 when the opportunity presented itself. Guess Shane Warne's patience escaped him just when he needed it also. He was 99 and looked like reaching 100 in a test for the first time. It didn't happen.
This red-bellied black snake (see photo below) has taken up residence near our pond. Frogs also live near our pond. Yes, he's just hanging around waiting for a chance to "take in" that frog. How patient is he!
You certainly have to admire the snake's focus. You could say he's in the zone.
Do you have goal(s) for 2015? Maybe about relationships? Maybe about completing tasks that you have had on the backburner for some time? Learn a lesson from the animal world; focus on the prize. If you need a person to help, feel free to contact me by leaving a message/comment.
Meanwhile, I have some things I HAVE TO DO. Can't put them off. 
Can you see him in the centre of the photo?
 There, that should make it easier for you.
Can you see the little bit of reddish colour just behind his head - that gives him the name red-bellied black snake."


At 1:32 PM, Blogger Ron, Mac 26X, KS said...


I don't like snakes, period. I saw one in the Philippines who's head was the size of a german shepard. YIKES.

Goals--ah, gotta write some down soon. Guess that's Goal #1. Son Allen / Kendra are making me a grandson due in late April, so that will generate some goals.

More traveling, more sailing, hugging the bride more, and doing a couple of 5k runs are more of my goals for '15.

Best wishes,
Ron and Chari


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