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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Seven Wonders of the World

Do you know what they are? I'll tell you.
One is Fay's mobile phone so the kids can contact us while we travel.
The second one is my mobile phone which allows me to SMS very cheaply.
The third is my magic iPod which has tons of music and miraculously plays it through our car radio as we travel long distances.
Fourth is the inverter which means I plug it in to the cigarette lighter (that's what everyone calls it) and then I can plug electrical items in to it such as my shaver, while Fay drives.
Fifth is the laptop which sends and receives messages and stores all our photos and can balance on my lap plugged into the fourth wonder.
Sixth is the digital camera which allows us to take umpteen photos of whales we see from Head of Bight (sorry I haven't learnt how to insert photos yet.)
Seventh.... seventh.... is my Palm (handheld) which stores all contacts, heaps of docs, calendar, the Bible and guess what? It doesn't need a PASSWORD!
Of course an eighth one is Fay who's doing all the driving while I play with the toys... I mean wonders.


At 11:32 AM, Blogger Orrs said...

Hi from us all.
I pray that you don't get hit by lightninig because we will see the explosion from here when all your electricals get fried. Can't wait to aaaaaaaaallllllll your photos when yopu get back. Creighton is in the USA/Canada (Toronto) at the monment so you'll be able to exchange photos (he could have lots of green tractor ones though). He is back next Tuesday. Love to you both and we'll see you soon.

At 10:10 PM, Blogger - Laezr - said...

Keasties back in Adelaide for a drive by..... - damn u are tech Grahame, need to sit down over bbq next time and talk shop ;) - stopped by your Seven Silicon Wonders here and thought I might point out that the 'politcally' correct term for the 'cigarette lighter' as everyone calls it, is actually something more along the lines of accessory socket, 12V accessory socket or 12V adapter.... it's way kooler to have tech gadgets plugged into a 12v adapter than to use it for lighting death sticks!! =P


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