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Friday, February 17, 2006


Life is all a matter of how you look at it! Is the glass half empty or is it half full? (Our engineer daughter would tell us we´ve got the wrong sized container!)
We were trying to get to the airport from the centre of the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. We could take a bus for 0.8 p each or a taxi for 17 p. We would need 2 taxis! (there are 5 of us now that Debbie has joined the party.) I plugged for the bus just to save 30 p ($13.50 A). We had to catch a bus 37 but the driver told us we´d need a 37 - 4, not a 37 - 1. Waiting...waiting...Question: How long do we wait until we decide to catch a taxi? I suggested we wait another 15 minutes. Twelve mins later along came a 37-4. Next challenge was for 5 of us with luggage to climb aboard the bus before it took off. That was a challenge. This was just a regular city bus and we were the only people on the bus with airport luggage except for a Lleyton Hewitt look-alike off to a tennis tournament.
Once we got to the checkout counter at the airport the REAL action started. The lady was talking, she was writing, she was explaining and she was weighing our luggage. First bit of news came filtering through. We were not gonna catch this flight! The flight we´d booked for back in Sydney. There were 5 of us trying to get our brains around that bit of info. There were discussions between us and amongst us. We had a Spanish speaker, a Portuguese speaker and 3 dinky-die Aussie speakers. Then another bit of information - we were OVERWEIGHT! Our luggage was over the limit of 15 kg per person by a total of 23 kg for all of us. So, how much are they gonna charge us? 4 p per kilo. (4 x 23 = 92). $41 Aust! The team is visibly shaken. Upset? Traumatised! Gobsmacked! That´s unaustralian!
Fay says, Kim said we could have 20 kg each!
Deb says, I know I should have checked the small print - (she´s our frequent flyer.)
So far, we´ve missed the flight and now they´re gonna make us pay forty bucks!
Then the lady at the check-in counter tells us she´ll give us vouchers for free lunches...FIVE FREE LUNCHES!
* * * * * *
They´ve charged us 92 p and now they´re giving us over 100 p of lunches!

Currently we´re in Curitiba after having spent 2 days wandering round looking at the most spectacular waterfalls in the world! Iguazu Falls. More on that next blog.

Thanks Cesar, Marcia and Miguel for looking after us for a couple of days and finding a good picture of an aeroplane opn your computer!


At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did they give u Vegemite sandwiches 4 free?
Give my regards to the Rolling Stones if u catch up to them!

At 2:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will look at your site. Thanks.


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