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Monday, April 10, 2006


Staying with Madolyn and her sister Helen Harkness (pictured) in Garland (north of Dallas.) Helen is a pioneer in the area of career management programs. Check out Career Design! She's written a few books on the topic.
Madolyn is a Servas host. We've had a ball here. Madolyn also has a flash pad down in Miami that she rents out. Looks pretty good to me. Interested? Have a look and then send her an email - It is ON the beach!!!
We went to church this morning and enjoyed fellowshipping with Larry Pastor and his flock. They are a friendly bunch at South Garland Baptist Church. (If there's a photo of a bloke (fella) on this post, it'll be Larry. Thanks Larry, and all the folk who made us welcome. What a blessing that God's brought us out here to Garland (near Dallas).
We are leading up to one of the most important periods for Fay and I - Easter. A time when we remember how our Lord died for each one of us. Pretty hard to get your head around it eh? I hope you can find time to visit a church over the Easter period. God alone knows where we will be on Good Friday and over the Easter period, so we'll leave it in His hands. But we miss family - our own and our church family at this time.

Maybe in a few days' time we'll be heading off with another car from autodriveaway! Where to? LA? Connecticut?
Tell you next time.

Thanks Madolyn and Helen for giving us such a beaut time. Sorry we stood you up and didn't make the symphony evening.... I know you've forgiven us.


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