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Saturday, July 08, 2006


The NWTR has been and gone!
We sure had a ball. Unfortunately I can't get photos on here at present, all because Tor isn't here! If he was here, we'd be right! Hey, at least he left his bed for us to sleep in! Which would you rather?

Fay and I rode 117 km on Sat and then 105 km on Sunday. I was thrilled that we were able to ride that far over the weekend.

Then we caught up with 2 families (Krogs and Linthicum-Platts)! Legends! We went out with them on the Monday and rode a quickish 71 km. Average 25.1 km/h. That's quick for us for that distance.

Now the aftermath: we're staying with Krogs (except for Tor) at Seattle and then later today going to Everett airport and going flying with Dave (who with Kelly rode a tandem at Corvallis last weekend.) Dave told us to come to Seattle and he'd fly us over San Juan Islands. So, today's the day. After that it's back to Vancouver Island BC to return Bill's truck. Maybe get a few more photos on this site.

Organisation of the NWTR was superb! They really did a great job. Fay and I won a speedometer for being the people who travelled the furthest. We also were entertained by Willie Weir (he's written a book too) on his cycling adventures all over the world. He threw out a few challenges too! Makes me wonder why we really have a vehicle at all! (Take note those people with 3 or 4 cars! Did you read this Ron?)

We really have been greatly blessed. Trip's going great. Talk to you from VI.

Hhhmmm... guess there's not much for people to make comments about is there?

Thanks Relan, Vlad/Joellen, Lynn/Monte/Kiersten, Dave/Kelly...


At 9:46 AM, Blogger Ron, KS said...

Hey Keast! If you were here with BSplit, you could have towed my tractor to the worksite today. Moved 6 yard of topsoil for a customer.

Kinda important to have a nice red truck to tow the tractor/trailer/implement with......... (grin).

Have fun. We've been out sailing twice since you've been here. Was really nice.

Have fun,

At 1:20 PM, Blogger julie said...

I enjoyed the event vicariously through you!


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