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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Why is it I choose a rare hobby like number plate collecting?
I joined the NPCC (Number Plate Collectors' Club of Aust) a few years ago. My membership number is 1080 - a significant number for me.
I had already been collecting plates since I first went to Canada in 1969. Fay and I decided we'd collect a plate for each state or province we visited.
Last weekend, I went to my first national meeting which was held in Deniliquin. There were 70 members present from all over Australia and even one guy from NZ.
I took a small display, plus a bunch of plates to swap/sell. They were from North America. Well I think there was a bit of an imbalance regarding the "imports" and "exports". I sold 3 plates and purchased (mostly at auction) more than 70! I was able to pick up two rare Rhode Island plates and a District of Columbia plate. This meant I now have a full set of all the states of the USA from Alabama to Wyoming. I also picked up a plate from Hong Kong, 1 from Uruguay, 1 from Mexico and 1 from Belgium.
If you're interested in getting into number plate collecting, let me know - I have a few spares!
I'd now like to get 1 of every Canadian province and 1 of every style that NSW have put out. That'll keep me busy. Canadian plates I still need include: Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and New Brunswick.
Meanwhile excuse me while I work on my display for next year's meeting in Adelaide. It'll have to improve on my display this year I can see that.
By the way, the most expensive plate sold at auction over the weekend was a Victorian plate for $380. The most expensive plate I bought cost $25! Got any spare plates for me? I'll swap you.



At 4:28 AM, Blogger bbsgirl said...

That is an interesting hobby you have there. I don't collect license plates (number plates as you call them), but I do have a unique collections of coins from around the world. The reason this collectionof coins is so unique to me, is I have never been outside of the United States. I have simply "traded" an American coin for any "Foriegn" coins I've found in my cash register drawers over the past 20 years of working with cash in the restaurant business. Some people just don't pay attention to the coins they use and I have found a hobby out of their mistakes. I have coins from the Bahamas, Kuwait, Korea, Australia etc. and have never left the United States to get them. If you enjoy your coolecting number plates as much as I enjoy my coins, then we have something in common.


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