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Saturday, May 05, 2007


Every night Fay goes to bed she has to read. Otherwise she doesn't sleep. Sometimes she doesn't sleep regardless. But she must have a read.
I enjoy reading but there are other things I enjoy doing in bed, such as sleeping. So, it's pretty hard for me to read when I could be doing something else, such as sleeping.
However, I have finished Neil Hawke's book and I'm ... getting through (and enjoying) John Anderson's story. Thanks Deb.
I've read all Grisham's books but haven't finished Innocent Man. Then of course there are cycling and cricket mags to read too. They tend to have more photos and less text.
Read any good books that you'd recommend? Click on comments below and let me know. Ta.

Yes, I know, I promised info on Brad the battler.... well... next post, OK? [Sorry about that.]

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