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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Well, where do I start?
I cycled with Brad from Perth to Adelaide in 2003 on a Bike for Bibles Ride. The rest of the team went on to Hobart. There was a team of about 40 of us. He was a very likeable young bloke - and that's what Kathy thought too! So, he married the love of his life, young Kathy.
Soon after marriage, in 2004, he was diagnosed with cancer. He was about 25 years old.
They opened him up and removed a tumour and then followed that up with chemo. All looked good. Then they later discovered there was still a bit and suggested they open him up (chest) again. Brad decided against that. He began eating 25 apricot kernels a day as a way of treating the cancer.
The top photo shows Brad (and Kathy) on 2 September 2005 following chemo treatment. He's a bit bloated isn't he?
Middle photo shows the apricot seed and then on the right shows what's inside.... the kernels, after the seed's been split. They're like almonds only not quite as nice.
Brad is now eating about 20 a day! He grinds them up in a blender and I think adds juice to help the taste. Others just chew them up and have a juice to chase it down. Kathy is taking 5 a day to ward off any possible cancer.
Today Brad looks a million dollars! He's working, cycling, and praising God.
What's his secret? Apricot kernels, prayer and now a product he's quite keen on called Mannatech. It looks very interesting let me tell you. His doc says he's in remission. Brad says he's over it!
Anyone out there also tried the apricot kernels? Or Mannatech products?
Fay and I caught up with Brad and Kathy twice while we were in South Australia - once at David Andretzke's funeral in Adelaide (a fellow biker from the Perth to Hobart trip) and then a couple of weeks later in Berri, SA where they live. Got any other questions about young Brad? Or his treatment?

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At 9:12 PM, Blogger julie said...

Very interesting!

I don't know of anything similar that people are trying in these parts.

What is it about the apricot seeds that makes it work?

At 5:54 PM, Blogger Keasty said...

I think it's B17... anyway Brad's Mum is sending me some stuff. Whatever's in it, it works!!!

At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow he is a great looking bloke!Thanks for the hot spot and the write up mate!Hope you are travelling well!Great site!Blessings brad


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