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Thursday, June 05, 2008


There were 51 statues like this spread oacross a salt lake near Menzies. Unreal. At least 200 m apart.
Thought this bloke was a little overdone!

Haven't ridden a bike at Cocklebiddy since Sept 2003!

A brown honeyeater (I think.)

Two of the many Major Mitchells.

It was rugged territory for me going to the Eyre Bird Observatory.... but the Pajero took it in its stride!

Pildappa Rock. Unreal. That's where Wave Rock in WA got the idea I guess.

The organ pipes. Wow! They were something else.

Been across the Nullarbor!
Stayed at Eyre Bird Observatory! Near Cocklebiddy. Awesome!
Never hit a roo or an emu (but we were close.)
Never bought diesel for over $2 a Litre (but we were close).
Went 4WD ing big time!
Visited Pildappa Rock and the Organ Pipes out of Kimba (photos to come).
Booked the Pajero in for a service at Adelaide.
Arrive in Adelaide TODAY (Thursday 5 June.) We expect.
Stayed with Stuart and Nancy Everett at Crystal Brook (Brad's folks).
Depart Adelaide about 11 or 12 June.
Caught up with Jack and Helen and Andrew and Alexander (SERVAS), and also Di and Panda. We went through college with Di 40 years ago.


At 5:53 PM, Blogger Keasty said...

Now in Junee. Had to skip Mungo and also Wagga. Next time.
Out to Eurolie tomorrow and then Dubbo by Sunday.

At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Ida from Junee said...

Good to have a look at your web Grahame.


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