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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Well, he's been home (Owen Cooper) but because he was jaundiced, he had to go back for blood tests and is now back in hosp (along with his reluctant mother, who would rather be at home with her three men). His grandad (Fa) is glad he has a good preference in cars!!

Photo take on Nan and Fa's bed when he was briefly home. Just one night.

Puts a new slant on Skins Golf Tournament eh? Logan gives Fa a few pointers.

Owen gets hs first bath from his Dad. Quite experienced I might add. Nurse was impressed.

Yeah, well I can take it or leave it, says Muscles.

Even big boys like a cuddle from Nan now and then.

The McLaughlin men! Handsome blokes eh?

Nan with Muscles back at Mortdale. There's some experience there eh?
Still awaiting blood test results which are hopefully good enough to allow Owen Cooper to leave the hospital... for the second time in a week.
Time: 2:30 pm Wednesday 9 July. (Happy birthday WJ!)

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At 10:20 AM, Blogger "See Me"... said...

Hi Grahame and Fay
Loved catching p on your blog- congratulations on the next stage of grandparenthood.
I'm heading to Melbourne and its environs tomorrow (Saturday).
I've finally managed to get a blog going so come visit even better visit us in Melbourne/ Aireys inlet
You should be able to link to me through
Talk soon

At 11:05 PM, Blogger Barb said...

Oh Keasty! What a wonderful bundle of joy!! And such a nice name!! I like that!

I have 8 grandbabies and one great grandbaby!! (I am over 60 also...and lovin' it!) They are joys but unfortunately they are mostly scattered across the US!

Will be stopping in to catch your blog. I have certainly enjoyed meeting and reading Celia! I am going to miss her while she comes back to Australia for a bit! Hope she can find connection here and there to post.

Stay happy...Barb

At 10:45 AM, Blogger Keasty said...

Thanks Celia and Barb for dropping by. Maybe we should be getting advice from Grandma Barb with eight of them!
It is fun being a grandad though.


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