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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Crock should be playing for Australia at Beijing but he had some appointments he couldn't cancel. Bad luck mate. He is just a bit better than I am at table tennis.
LJ is probably as good a drummer as I am. Trouble is I won't improve a heck of a lot from here on in. He's got more chance of playing for a band than I have.

Smokes is a famous cyclist. She rode across the Nullarbor. She's also great with little kids. Lives in WA but follows the V8 Supercars all over Oz.

A lovely young couple who crossed the Nullarbor earlier this year. Looks a bit cool eh?

Here's LJ in his Chariott. Deb tows him behind her on her Raceline bike. They are both legends and will be performing at Dubbo in September.
That was a bit of a mix and match today eh? Sorry about that.

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At 7:20 AM, Blogger kathi said...

First, CONGRATULATIONS on the newest grandbaby. Owen is simply beautiful. I'm so glad that he and Logan are okay now. What a couple of days there.

I love the pic of Fay and you, that's got to be my favorite.

It was great getting caught up, y'all are so blessed with your family and friends.


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