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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Some absolutely beautiful scenery as we travelled Temora to Lockhart and then Lockhart to Corowa.
Carlo, Paul and John. They had the pedal down. Normally the tandem is in this group, labelled The Gladiators!

Lindy was taking precautions to ensure her tootsies didn't get wet! They are sitting round a campfire. Thanks Trent and food roadies for looking after our needs.

The Goodies about to depart from Lockhart for Corowa. The previous afternoon we encouraged about 8 or 9 youngsters who rode round the block in order to raise money for the Bible Society. They rode a total of 62 km between them. Fabulous effort. I was lucky enough to be allowed to ride Lindy's paralympic tandem with an assortment of stokers! Man what a beautiful bike!! Thanks Lindy.

My team today began with Carlo and Paul. Here I am checking the route with them. And you wouldn't believe it... we actually took a wrong turn! They are both experienced riders. They also have youth on their side!

One of the many beautiful scenes we saw as we travelled today.
We only have three days left. Sadly John leaves the team tomorrow morning. That will leave 11 riders and 7 support crew. I'd better get cracking on those missing stats too eh?
At least we know Heather reads the blog!!! Enjoy your travels Heather.


At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bike-for-Biblers,

Glad to see that you are powering on. We are also pleased to read about the local support for Bike-for-Bibles.

We are informed here that Melbourne has just had its coldest April 4-day string in 50 yrs. The max was 15 deg on each day. You'd better find some warm places to stay at night!

Go, the Goodies!! Go, the Gladiators!!!!

Regards - Laurie and Barbara Archer


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