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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Wow! All that swine flu in Mexico! And we jokingly say we've just made it to Mexico.... (south of the border!)

We only had to ride 88 km today in great riding conditions (even though we started in 2 degrees!) The Goodies took 3:37 and the Gladiators did it in 3:22. Averaging just over 22 and 24 respectively.
They even have snow in Victoria! We got a few glimpses of it to the east.

Ned Kelly was sure a big bloke eh? Here are a few of his henchmen (and Ladies!!)

Party mix helps to keep the driver awake when he's travelling at 20 kph or thereabouts! Can you see the riders in the distance? Revs not too high. Fuel quite good. Still 5 lollies left.
Two days to go before this ride finishes in Mill Park (Melbourne). Over 3,000 km completed now. I can't really imagine we've nearly done Cairns to Melbourne!! Can you?


At 2:54 PM, Blogger Peta said...

dad, 5 lollies to go... best pic and explaination on the blog so far i say... well done! made me giggle...

At 9:42 PM, Anonymous Stainless steel sunshine coast said...

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