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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I reckon cleaning house is a bit like having a baby! I mean the cleaning house for the last time because you've sold it and the removalist has taken all your stuff (I mean ALL your stuff) and you have to have a PRE-SETTLEMENT INSPECTION... soon.

So, we worked like crazy, dusting, sweeping, chucking, vacuuming, washing, scrubbing, scraping, wiping out cobwebs and all that sort of stuff.

Cleaning house, like having a baby, is best if both the Mumma and the Dadda are involved. They will then have ownership of the event.

Like having a baby, this doesn't happen too often (I mean cleaning house as desribed above), although some folks are a bit greedy in this regard.

I kinda think that as you get a bit older you oughta give such activities a miss or you could do yourself some permanent injury.

Of course as many of you will agree, the woman is the key player in both these events and should automatically be selected as the best and fairest at the conclusion (of both the giving birth and the house cleaning).

One thing is for sure - both having a baby and cleaning house then limit the chances (hopefully temporarilly) of having.... of making love. You will need to wait until both parties have recovered fully.

It's now 12:41 am (after midnight). Fay is washing the laundry - I'm pooped and am in bed (in our avan in the back yard). I'm knackered! I'm stuffed! Think the having a baby takes it outa blokes a bit the same. G'night.

PS Fay came to bed at about 1:47 am. The house looks magic. She reckons she's got an hour still to put in tomorrow. Last time we're movin'!

PPS Due to put furniture in at Cudmirrah on Friday 22 May.

Couldn't resist putting this guy in. He lives at Brocklehurst just out of Dubbo. Neat eh? Wonder how many times he moved house?


At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt whether the guy on the penny farthing had much to move - cute photo though. I can sympathise with you, and FAY, moving and cleaning; after doing it all on my own last year I know what it's like. What a job! May see you in the next few days. Remember the good old days when we first met? Another move, another time. Wendy X

At 6:39 PM, Blogger Keasty said...

Yes I remember meeting over our move! That's a few years ago! Hope to seeya soon!!


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