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Friday, May 01, 2009


It's not all serious stuff. Here we were having some fun in Lockhart. Carlo took the tandem for a spin alone! He even managed to change seats DURING the riding! Pity he couldn't reach the brakes too!

One team is called the Gladiators. This is how the name came about. Carlo models the outfit!

Three vehicles ready to head off from Benalla this morning. It was 1 degree this morning!
We rode 102.9 in 3:52 at an average of 26.5 (from Diana's logbook.) Paul came up with 103.8 in 3:19 at an average of 31.2.
Now we just have the last day to go - Seymour to Melbourne (Mill Park). It'll be about 75 km I think. A walk in the park.

Just to prove that I was doing my job today. Note there are no lollies left!! A beautiful canopy of trees.

Rosemary, Paul, Lindy and Carlo had a stop here... for 50 minutes!! Lovely coffee and pumpkin soup. Avenel. Cute place. Even had TWO coffee shops.

Here we are at the Uniting Church, the home of the infamous Harward Mountjoy to name but one person. He rode the roiginal Perth to Sydney ride... about 100 years ago. It's a wonder he's still alive.

This shot was taken ages ago when we were at Moree. The hot baths were very therapeutic. We did enjoy them.
After the ride ends tomorrow, some folk will fly back to where they come from, others will travel by bus/train and others will drive off. Lindy, for example, is off to the Sunshine Coast. Jolly good idea I reckon. Nigel and Sarah are looking forward to a night in a ritzy place in Melbourne.
Been a most memorable journey.
Still more photos to come, so have another look later.


At 11:53 PM, Anonymous Rodney Olsen said...

You caught up with Harward?

I'd love to get in touch with him.

We rode the first ever cross Australia Bike for Bibles ride (Perth to Canberra - 1987) together and it'd be great to chat with him about where life has taken us since.

At 3:14 PM, Blogger ross said...

Well done guys (and girls)!!
Paul, look forward to you lacing up the boots again this sunday afternoon. I'm sure you'll have a "little bit" more fitness than the rest of us.



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