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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The BUBLACOWIE MILITARY MUSEUM and MEMORIAL is the work of an incredible guy called CHRIS SOAR. It's situated just out of Yorketown on the Yorke Peninsula.

Chris (pictured above) has material from WWI, WWII, Korean and Vietnam wars. The museum is built on the grounds of the former Bublacowie single classroom school.

The museum was built by Chris and his wife Enid (now deceased) to perpetuate memories of the sacrifices made by so many in all conflicts and to help our young learn of our military history.
Chris is a Malay/Vietnam veteran himself.

There are some fascinating newspaper clippings from war eras.

Chris has even restored a number of army vehicles.

He has other vehicles also, such as this Morris Minor and the Austin 1800 below.

You should get to see this museum. It is really worth the visit. I'd love to bring my kids here, and maybe later my grandchildren. Thanks Chris. You have done an incredible job with this project.
Tomorrow we'll start heading back towards Adelaide. Only 220 km from here to there! Maybe Balaklava or Riverton.

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