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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It was the worst of days!
It was the best of days!
Riding from Tumut through to Providence Portal was a challenge to say the least. Jim reckoned I wouldn't ride up the hill at Talbingo... well he was right. I did get off a few times and do some walking. Browny got off for a comfort break (or two). But we got there! Then we rode on from there. No way could I have done it without the support and encouragement of Beth and Browny. And the ever vigilant Fay with her flashing light behind us.
We rode 93 km at a very dismal average speed of 14 kph. Yep, it was tough going for this aging team. There were some downhills too though...... great fun! And the lodge at Providence Portal was just excellent..... food and accommodation. Thanks Chris.
We actually ran out of daylight and warmth. I started to get hypothermia.... not pretty. So we had to be picked up just 13 km from our target. A great move!!! Temps dropped down towards single figures and beyond.

The following day we rode Providence Portal to Cooma - just 74 km. That was enough after the big day Tumut to Providence Portal.

Here we are enjoying our comfortable cabin at Providence Lodge.

Can you see us on the hill? We're there somewehere.

Adaminaby is not too far from Cooma. We got in to Cooma about an hour later than estimated time of arrival. Tomorrow (Thursday) we'll visit Cooma Public School - my old school from 1986-1998.


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