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Saturday, May 15, 2010


Damn! Bike computer won't go! Kel Robertson of Kel's Computers to the rescue. 5 mins later, new battery in the VDO bike computer. Thanks Kel.

Here's one half of our hosts last night - Kel. Jacqui, his wife, looked after us admirably. Thanks guys. Sorry Max that you missed out a bit.

6 degrees and foggy as all get out! Stayed pretty cool for first hour! We were sure glad when we noticed the temp had increased - Fay announced confirmation of that when she told us it was now 7 degrees!!! (Big deal!)

Soup and sangas for lunch at (of all places) Urana. Ta Fay. That made us feel much better, and we cruised forward to Lockhart. 105 km today at an average of 24.9 - very satisfactory. There were even some "rises" at the end of the day. (Certainly wouldn't call them hills.)
Tomorrow we head to Wagga Wagga, but with extra riders!!!
Next Tues another (bigger) BFB team led by Jim B will be coming to Lockhart enroute to Melbourne... provided they stop getting punctures and throwing up!!! [Neither Browny nor I have thrown up OR got a puncture. Beauty mate!!!]


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