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Monday, May 17, 2010

Days 4 and 5: LOCKHART - WAGGA and WAGGA - TUMUT

Look how our small group has grown! Beth has joined as expected. We've also been joined by Jonathon, John, Simon and Daniel. Here we are departing Lockhart at 10:30 am. Only had to do 83 km to Wagga.

Here's Beth helping at Padgetts'. It's good to have this Sussex Sportsgirl join us. Thanks John and Sally for taking good care of us while in Wagga. And also to Jonathon and Catherine for shouting us dinner.

What a specimen! Eat your heart out Kelly!! This guy, Simon, rode out from Wagga to Lockhart with his mate John and then rode back to Wagga with us. This gave them about 150 km for the day. Then Simon (gluton for punishment) rode with us to Tumut the next day!!! Unreal.

Keasty, Fay, Beth, Simon and Browny! It was a big day to Tumut with a bunch of decent hills and a whole bunch of semis going both ways. 115 km. We got in at 4:20 pm. Fortunately we are staying with Phil and Pam Crocker and we're very comfortable. Tomorrow we're off to Providence Portal... Fay reckons 105 km. IT'S GONNA BE TOUGH!!!! [Jim said so!]


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