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Friday, May 14, 2010


Sure was cool when we woke this morning - 7 degrees at 7am. (Jim would've been underway at 7:30 am). We got away at 9 am today and arrived Jerilderie 2:22 pm. We'd done 95 km at the same average speed - 24.2 kph.
We handled the wind a bit better than we did yesterday... maybe it wasn't as breezy today as yesterday. When we stopped for lunch we just had 18 km to go.
Browny is handling the role of domestique very well. He seldom allows me to wander out in front, but instead, powers forward regardless of the situation. Our bikes are very similar, and we're contemplating swapping one day to see how they compare. They're both carbon fibre bikes and both black (or dark grey).
Tonight we're being looked after by Jacqui and Kel Robertson here in Jerilderie. Tomorrow we head to Lockhart where we'll meet up with Nola and Graham Cox. It is there in Lockhart that Beth will arrive (our 3rd rider) and also that we'll be joined by Simon and his mates from Wagga.
Locusts again today at about noon. Maybe not quite as thick as yesterday where we were getting hit in the face with the blighters.
Max speed yesterday was 31 and today 33.
Both Browny and I are feeling pretty good so far.


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