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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The Keasty's Border to Border Bike for Bibles Ride commences Thursday 13 May.
Everybody looks pretty happy in these pix. Beth Robertson (above) will join Graham Brown and I at Lockhart after missing the first three days.

Fay is a very important part of the operation. She drives the Pajero which tows the avan. She will follow us each day with flashing lights and signage. She's also got the tucker and MY BED!

Graham and Beth have each done quite an amount of long distance cycling. Their resumes are very impressive. I've done 18 BFB rides, each one being a weeklong journey except for Perth to Sydney. I'm raising money for projects selected by the Bible Society:
  • Bibles for Aussie school kids
  • Bibles for the Australian Defence Forces
  • Audio Scriptures for Indigenous Australians
  • Ethiopian Pastors' Book Sets
My goal is $5,000. (I have another ride scheduled for October.... but more about that later.)
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If you want to sponsor me, send me an email...
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So, on Thursday, Browny and I will "set sail" from Niemur where I taught back in 1966-67. It's 20 miles out of Moula (Moulamein) which is about 100 km west of Deni (Deniliquin). I figured we should leave the place at 9 am for the start of our ride. The night before we're staying at "Farnley" where the Redfearns live, just outa Moula. Thanks George and Linley and Peter. Hopefully I'll post some pix when we reach Deni.

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