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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Really great to make it to Heckenberg Public School today and meet Principal Kathy Powzun, her team and some of the beaut kids there. Unbelievable! To think I taught there in 1965 - my first year of teaching.

Kathy showed us around and introduced us to heaps of people. Wish I could remember more from my year at the school back 45 years ago.

Hey... hadn't seen these guys for 2 months. Was great to see them again. Here they are pretending to be Fa and Nan! What characters! God was sure clever to invent grandchildren.
* * *
We did 1070 km. Thanks Beth and Browny for being my domestics/domestiques and a very special thanks to Fay for being our support person. What a great job she did!


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