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Friday, June 11, 2010


On Tues we drove from home to Mortdale to drop stuff off that Deb (#1 daughter) wanted and catch up with the new kid on the block and the other men in the house. We had the quickest trip we'd ever had to Mortdale - usually takes two and a half hours. The lights were just very kind to us. Ave speed: 84 for the 196 km. Fuel consumption - 5.9
Then on Wednesday we went through to Newcastle to visit Peta (#2 daughter) and Jon. The first hour was the slowest on record and there certainly was a heap of traffic considering we left at 2:20 pm from Mortdale. Ave speed: 71 for the 165 km. Fuel consumption - 5.8
Heading north from Newcastle at 7:30 am on Thursday was a good decision. Fay actually got the fuel consumption down to 5.0 but then road works stuffed things around and also knocked the average speed heaps. When the roadworks are completed it'll certainly make a huge difference (if that EVER happens.) Ave speed: 79 for the 619 km. Fuel consumption - 5.2 (amazing!)
Sorry... I must confess I took it a bit easier today (Friday) when I could see that there was a chance of getting less than 5.0 L/100 km. Mostly freeway driving and didn't have the likes of Kempsey and Coffs to drive through like yesterday.
Ave speed: 86 for the 103 km. Fuel consumption - 4.8 (incredible!)
Those people who are old enough (that cuts out Kerrie, Peta and some others) could marvel (as I have done) at the MILES PER GALLON figures. We used to try hard to get 30 mpg out of the Holdens back in the 60s. For the 4 trips, it worked out at 48 mpg, 49 mpg, 54 mpg and 59 mpg.
A brilliant car is the 2 Litre turbo diesel Pug. Plenty of get up and go, comfortable to travel in and as you can see is easy on the fuel. We could certainly do 1,000 km on a tank if need be.
Sorry Kerrie.

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At 2:26 PM, Blogger Peta said...

I REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG DAD!! These days its the only way i can keep track of you guys!!! you've got a few extra followers from Saddos these days since you started putting more cute baby pictures on there too!!! Take care, hope to see you guys soon...

At 12:16 AM, Blogger Keasty said...

I'll see what else is in the photo album PJ.


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