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Monday, May 24, 2010


One of the reasons for this ride was to visit the schools where I taught eg Mittagong 1974-77. It was good to visit and see quite a different school to the one I left when I headed for Goodooga.

We had to farewell Beth before leaving from Steve and Cindy's. Thanks guys. Look after Matilda!!

This is the classroom where I taught. Yep... still there. Heaps of other buildings now. The new library replaced the one we used back then. (Fay was librarian for a while.)
Remember WHILE I LIVE I'LL GROW? Bill will remember I know. On top of Razorback. We rode up there easy. We must be fit I guess.
Had a bit of a snack there before hooning down the mountain. Good stuff. We did miss Beth though.
Tomorrow, Tuesday we head to Heckenberg Public School. That's where I started my career back in 1965. Amazing eh? Thanks Stu and Bec for looking after us on our last night.
Seeya tomorrow.


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