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Friday, May 21, 2010


Day 8 was the best day! Day 8 was the REST DAY!!! I really like those days.
We rested in Cooma, and gave the bikes a well-deserved clean.

Gotta be careful we don't get any cat-heads in our tyres during the meticulous operation.

Rod and Fay Bevan opened up their home to us while we were in Cooma. They also invited a bunch of folk to join us for a party on Wednesday night. It was good fun as we shared a bit about the ride and the concept of Bike for Bibles. Thanks Rod and Fay (we even hated to leave them on Thursday morning) and to the folk who joined us on Wednesday night.

Morning tea by the side of the road, near Kangaroo grass. It was pretty cool for the first couple of hours... only warming up about 1 pm. There were a couple of LONG downhills that we really enjoyed, even if my computer didn't register half the time. Our bikes appreciated having been cleaned on Thursday. Sorry about all the muck we left in the paddock behind Rod's place.

Soup and noodles for lunch. Bit rubbery, but they went down OK. Beth tried to buy hot chips at the servo, but the Williamsdale service station didn't stretch to anything quite that fancy.
The team arrived in Canberra about 3 pm - in time to get to Holt where we broke into Roger and Edna's place and also took Browny's bike to ONYA BIKE where they identified his gear problem and rectified it promptly. Unfortunately that may mean he'll be faster tomorrow!!! 95 km for the day. An enjoyable day in the saddle. Tomorrow? Off to Beth and Fay's home town - Goulburn. About 105 km.


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