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Sunday, May 08, 2011


Kooka drove us from Eugene to Corvallis on Thursday where we connected with Joellen. Jo and her late husband Vladimir were really good to us back in 2006 so we wanted to catch up even though we didn’t have much spare time. Sadly Vladimir had passed away last year and when we arrived – surprise surprise, it was Vladimir’s birthday! Cool! We’re now working on Jo to come out to Oz with a bunch of cyclists!

Jo put us on the 6:13 am Amtrak Cascade. Yep, more train ride! This was only 6 hours (I didn't travel too well) followed by a bus trip of 4 hours. Got into Vancouver – one of our favourite cities – just after 5 pm.(I had a travel sickness pill before this trip.)

We’ve sure been spoilt by Patronas, Smiths, McCarthys, Berras, Ellen and Jo during our time in California and Oregon.

In Vancouver we stayed at HAPPY INN in Burnaby. Comfortable and reasonably priced at about $70 US. It was a $40 cab ride to the motel. Went to AMOROSA PASTA HOUSE at 7874 Edmonds St Burnaby. Bit out of town, but the food and service were really great. Siobhan looked after us and took our booking for Saturday night. We had a lovely South African wine Sav Blanc, with house bread with olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. Then we had garlic bread topped with mozzarella. Beautiful. We finished with a very tasty minestrone soup. Didn’t break the bank - $32 CAN plus 15% tip.

Oh, guess how long it took our busload to go through customs at US/Canadian border? 40 minutes! Unreal. I figure we’ll go from Can to US or vice versa another 6 times before we get home. Get used to it eh?

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I interrupt this message with a brief but important advertisement. If you don’t want to read the ad, skip to the part further below. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars – Roasted Almonds - are the official energy bar of the PGA tour. Fair dinkum! They are just beautiful! Now, if we can only work out where we bought them! Cancun, Mexico? Orange County? Pasadena? Who knows. Gee they taste great.

Another ad: Check out – we met David today. It’s his “baby”. (I haven’t even checked out the site as yet!

Today (Saturday) we did the tourist thing. We wandered downtown Vancouver. Along Robson and Pender and Denman. Right down to the water. Got invited to a Russian party tonight. Sorry, busy watching Canucks play Nashville and eating at Amorosa Pasta. Go the Canucks!

Can't get photos on so will post this and try again/////.......


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