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Friday, May 27, 2011


AUSTRALIA v USA Pie eating competition. Can you get a look at these pies? In Kansas, they really know how to make pies. Like, REALLY KNOW! Anyway, I didn't let the side down at all.

Fay and I with Lonnie who took us down into the underground salt mine. Fascinating.

We went 650' down, down, down!

This is a hunk of salt. Just think, the Statue of Liberty is 152' tall. The Seattle Space Needle is 605' tall. Where we were today, there was 38 acres of salt mine! Unreal.
There is UNDERGROUND VAULTS & STORAGE there. They use the salt mines to store valuable docs, films, etc etc. Do you have something you wanna keep safe? Here at Hutchinson you can store some of that stuff!

More eating! This is ribs and sides. Thank goodness I went for the small!!!
We head off to New Orleans, Louisianna on Sunday. It'll be a 2 day drive - 14 hours.
Thanks Chari and Ron for looking after us bigtime!


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