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Friday, May 20, 2011


I caught Mum having lunch in Seattle with this really creepy guy (see above). He just wasn't a pleasant sort of bloke.

...on the other hand I found a lovely lass - Kierstin. She and I are good friends. I've invited her out to Oz. She graduates from college pretty soon. And she collects number plates!!!

Lynn and Monte might come too! They are tandem bike riders from Seattle. They have 11 bikes downstairs! We have to return to their place on 2 July!

This just counts as ONE bike.

This is HALF the apple pancake Kelly and Dave talked us into having this morning before we left Seattle. It would have fed half of India I think! Oh well... that's enough sugar for the week I guess. Hey, I gave half the pancake to Fay!! What you see is only my half.

The Original Pancake House. 8037 15th Avenue NW Seattle. Give it a try. Here we are with Dave and Kelly. He's the bloke who flew us round the San Juan Islands back in 2006. Kelly is the one who suggested it! She's had a tough time of late... well they both have. So, they are in our prayers. May your recovery continue kelly and may your patience ..... how do you say? Improve? You know what I mean. She wants to be better..... yesterday! Love you both.

Love this little HYUNDAI ELANTRA too! Goes like the wind. Economical. Fun. We have it for 44 more days. How many miles do you think we'll do in that time?

Fay found a Mini! Were they really that small? She had one in 1966-67.

Are you allowed to run two plates?
Now are you happy Pete? Strike, you put the pressure on a guy.


At 7:13 PM, Blogger Chari said...

Hello Keast's!

Love the pics and the stories. When you hit Los Angles next time, there's a place called Diana's or Diane's, will have to check. It's north of LAX a few miles. Cinnamon & apples baked in a dutch oven--almost like eating apple pie!

Looking so forward to seeing you two again.

Ron & Chari, Kansas

At 7:24 PM, Blogger Chari said...

Ooops, left out a key word:

It's Cinnamon and Apple PANCAKES baked in a dutch oven.

Not that it matters, but Ron is writing this, not Chari--her Google account just happened to be open. She doesn't make mistakes, just me.

Ron, KS

At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I'm very happy dad, awesome pictures! I just wish I was there too... and pressure? well that's what kids are for...


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