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Sunday, September 18, 2011

158 = 188

 Dale came on board to pilot Big John... just for a day. It's gonna be a big day.... about 158 km. Dale had had 2 previous experiences being on the front with John behind. This seemed like an ordinary exercise. His previous best was 100 km. Little was he to know what was in store. Well done young man!

 Troy (on a single), Matt & Rosemary, John & Dale and Lindy (mostly hidden) and Elton. Most of them are smiling. The ride to Sydney is about to begin.

Troy (above) did a marvelllous job of keeping up with the tandems when they were flying. I think he'll sleep well tonight.
We put Dale on a bus bound for Tweed. I hope the bus driver wakes him or he might finish up in Cairns! Dale's new personal best is 188 km.
The riders did extremely well for the varied terrain. Plenty of traffic to negotiate along with roadworks, some dirt, a decent amount of climbing  and a bit of good surface to finish on (plus a bit of unexpected dirt!)
Some max speeds around 72+ and an average speed up around 28. Very impressive. Damn good to be in Casino I can tell you. Tomorrow we head to Coffs minus Dale and with 2 new riders. (Some fresh legs eh?) Estimated distance - 180+ km. Great lunch organised by Rockin' Robin! Go gal! Hey, I've still got some of Fay's home made cookies left! Don't tell anyone.
Don Formston gets the award for the most road rules broken in 1 day. Well done Don. And he's gonna drive the Prado again tomorrow they tell me!! And Harper.... well.... just took everything in his stride.... even a handful of Clydesdales when they were thrown at him!


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