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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Well, it seems a young bloke by the name of Angus Booth found the pictures of Paddy's Jeep. Good lookin' Angus. And it just so happens that Angus' grandfather, Cliff Booth owned the Jeep at one stage of its life. I think there could be some solid "Jeep stories" coming here soon!
Angus' aunt, Sandy Brain remembers the Jeep well. At one stage, her father, a bit loose with the spray painting tool, gave the Jeep a new look - CREAM! (Or was it white? Or Yellow? Whatever.) Cliff Booth said he wouldn't sell it to anyone except Paddy Dillon. So old Cliffie, long since departed, would be happy in the knowledge that the Jeep was fully restored by Paddy and now adorns the Lake Boga Catalina Museum not far from Swan Hill in Victoria.
Here's what Sandy had to say.... Gosh Keasty, How on earth did you find our jeep. I learnt to drive on that machine and taught the neighbours and half Barham to drive on it too. I think I could write a book about it and the escapades we had in it with Cliff. It was pretty handy in the floods also and on those clay roads; made driving in the snow o/s a breeze...  
How cool is that? Here are a few pix of the Jeep at its new resting place. Paddy drove it there when we were visiting him recently. I posted info about the Jeep on 4 April 2012. And Angus found it!!

Yep, the Jeep sure has a smart looking home now and snuggles up to the huge Catalina when it gets a bit cool. Note the attention to detail that Paddy has taken. You can't see the shovel and axe on the left side either, but they're there. Thanks Paddy for adding that bit of history for everybody to enjoy.
The other things about Sandy (there are many things aren't there Sandy?) is that she attended WWTC back in the 60s. You'll never guess who one her close mates was back then????  Marie Dillon, Paddy's wife! Of course that was before Paddy and Marie were married. And there's been a lot of water under the bridge since then!!! There was no sleep that night was there Paddy??? Now, which night was that?


At 1:39 AM, Blogger Ron, Mac 26X, KS said...

Great looking jeep! My Dad had a 45 (?) Willis jeep like that. I barely was old enough to drive it around the yard. He used it in bad weather to deliver rural mail, but said it was pretty useless in deep snow-it would ride up on top, then fall through and be hung up on it's belly! Wish I had it back now as it would be fun to restore.


At 3:54 PM, Blogger Keasty said...

When you come out we'll take you to see Paddy's Jeep Ron. You'll enjoy the catalina museum also. Sounds like you enjoyed your Dad's Jeep just like Sandy enjoyed this one. They certainly are special vehicles!


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