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Monday, April 13, 2015


 There were about 12 bikes in the stable at last count. This one was borrowed to fit a growing Logan (8). He is a very competent rider and generally quite responsible also.

 Owen's bike is nearing replacement because of size. He fancies himself as a future trick cyclist. Just hope he lasts long enough to reach that goal! Becoming braver - is that a good thing? He is nearly 7. He rode 19 km a couple of days ago. Excellent effort.

 Top female cyclist is Nina. Nearly 3. She is learning to steer - a handy thing for cyclists. She's keen as mustard and always wants to be out amongst the action.

 Here's the contingent. Team Keast-McLaughlin. We are fortunate to live in a cul-de-sac with minimal traffic. The surface is lovely and smooth. Kids love it.

 Here is Connor the solicitor. (Don't mess with him.) He has come along in leaps and bounds in the cycling department. Only learnt to cycle without training wheels a matter of weeks ago. Now, look at him go! He rode to Swanhaven and back - 9 km. Great effort. (With two older brothers, he's quite competitive.)

Unfortunately Goliath and David met, and contrary to expectation, this time Goliath came out on top. This photo was taken just as Connor went down. He's nearly 5. The old wheels connecting trick. Usually results in at least one rider on the deck. The good news was that after a band-aid was put on to cover the new wound, he was up at it again, BUT there were a few provisos that he wanted introduced! Told you he was a solicitor didn't I?
These are Deb's kids and obviously they have grasped the cycling craze from their mother and her father.
Fay and I are off to Mansfield for the annual Bike Friday gathering. Wonder how many bikes we can fit in! No, we're not taking the grandkids!


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