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Thursday, May 07, 2015


 Used 3 front wheel wall hooks to hang 3 bikes up on the wall of the garage. Mongoose Pro, Trek 4300 and BH roadbike.
 In front of those 3 bikes in a rack are: small bike for small chn, 2 Bike Friday Tikits (both blue) and Fay's Giant leisure/cross bike. The yellow tandem Two'sDay by Bike Friday can be seen on the right of picture up against the side wall.
This shows 2 of the three "front wheel wall hooks" used to hang the bikes. They were easy to mount and are effective at storing bikes. They come from - made in Taiwan for Shimano (The Netherlands.)
This shows my sturdy blue TREK mtb with the newly acquired MONGOOSE PRO ROCKADILE. So, we're fairly well-off for bikes right at present.


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