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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Crossing The Nullarbor

I love the Nullarbor.
Last time I went across it was by bicycle in Sept 03 with a Bike for Bibles team. It took the team 10 days to cross from Norseman to Adelaide stopping at Balladonia, Caiguna, Madura, Border Village, Nullarbor, Nundroo, Ceduna, Kimba, Pt Augusta and Clare. We were averaging 165 km/day which was a good way to celebrate turning 60!
The bike went even faster this trip, attached to the roof of the Pajero. This time we covered 784 km on day 1 from Kalgoorlie to Madura. 2nd day took us 606 km tonear Penong. We did alot of whale watching. There were 131 in the bay at Head of Bight. Unbelievable. 3rd day we planned to get to Port Augusta, but as we were going so well, we continued on to Crystal Brook covering 698 km. We set up our Avan on Everetts' farm. Great folks, and parents of Brad who rode with me in 2003.
That left us 234 km to get to Adelaide the next day.
Going across the Nullarbor we saw roos, emus, a very bold dingo and stacks of birds (mostly parrots). Not a camel or a wombat excepton the sign posts.
We were fortunate in having strong winds behind us which helped with our speed and our fuel economy, giving us 13.5 L/100 km. We also managed to avoid the fuel stops where diesel was over 160 c/L. Thanks truckies.
I love the way the terrain and the shrubs and trees vary as you travel across. I hate to say it (I can now), but the best way to cross the Nullarbor is by bicycle! Maybe next time I'll take a leaf out of Ross and Anne Pearson's book and ride by tandem. ( Anyone want to join me?
We're currently resting in Adelaide before heading for Mt Gambier, about 550 km away (I think.)


At 3:35 PM, Blogger Rodney Olsen said...

Now you've got me wanting to get out and experience the Nullabor by bike all over again.


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