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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Magpies Welcome Home Keast

Well, I was out having a quiet peaceful ride with four cycling buddies today, when whoosh! Along came a magpie ( and attacked me. He actually pecked or hit my helmet 11 times until I finally swung my arms and told him to buzz off. He's not the only one that's welcomed me back in such as fashion. Maybe they were just waiting for me to return to Dubbo. The maggies seem to be worse than I've ever remembered them. My helmet looks like it was rescued from New Orleans last week. I hope they keep some of their energy for when the 50+ cyclists from the Bike for Bibles team arrive here next week. (Sorry I couldn't paste the damn magpie here for you... guess they're all out attacking cyclists! The photo of me is what I looked like BEFORE the maggie struck.)
Managed 50 km on the bike yesterday and today. So the training is underway.


At 9:59 PM, Anonymous Anne P said...

Glad to know you are both home safely - see you for a cuppa sometime.


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