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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Limestone Coast - Mt Gambier

Where else is there a city like Mt Gambier, SA, with about 25,000 people, which is about 450 km from Adelaide and also 450 from Melbourne which has such fantastic facilities? And they've got sinkholes, caves and the beautiful Blue Lake which is also their never-ending water supply. Sporting facilities are heaps better than many much larger cities (not mentioning any names, Dicko!) Wouldn't it be good if we had a velodrome and two golf courses? We wanted to stay a bit longer and see Julie Anthony and Simon Gallagher performing together. It seems big name acts are not unusual at Mt Gambier.
We stayed with great Servas folk - - Colin & Jeanette. We enjoyed pizzas, steak in onion gravy, home-made muffins and home baked bread (just like Bob and Wendy made in Perth.)
Coming from country NSW we really love the beautiful stone buildings we saw in Adelaide and Mt Gambier. [Sorry I haven't learnt how to add photos to this blogspot yet - maybe I need another lesson, Rodney!]
Meanwhile the cycling training isn't being done is it? (Don't tell Jim.) Oh well the big ride doesn't start till 24 Sept and that's a long way off...
Currently in Narrawong (near Portland, Vic) with the mad Burches (also Servas) and getting ready to head north. Lady Di cooked us a beautiful fish in puffed pastry last night. Spoilt!
Hey diesel fuel was cheaper than unleaded in Mt Gambier! Can you believe that? Maybe that's another reason that we love that city. My mate Burchie says, "Buy up Keasty, it'll never be this cheap again!" (He's been saying that for many years.)
PS Just in the middle of a 40 km bike ride and posting this in the Portland library. Quite flash, but I should have done it in Mt G where it was a free service!
19 degrees is the norm round here this week. Good luck to the Aussie cricketers!


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