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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What Do You Do On A Friday

We've sure had a great trip! Departed Dubbo 13 April and we need to be back there for a party on 17 Sept. We're not home yet! Seen heaps of NT and WA and even SA and Vic.
Oh, we also have to be back for the 1,000 km week long bike ride I'm going on which starts in the Blue Mountains on 24 Sept.
Five months is a long time to be on the wallaby. You sure learn a heap as you travel around. Yesterday I had my first ride on a Bike Friday ( It was something else (which means "cool"). I love the advertising..."What do you do on a Friday?" They fold up and you can put them into your boot (or trunk if you're North American). There's one guy, George, who puts one into the boot of his Audi TTi! (Not a very big car.) I wonder if anyone's ridden across Australia on a Bike Friday yet? They have a tandem called Tandem Twosday. The guy who let me have a ride (Graham Brown) has enough bikes for every day of the week I think. He's off to England to cycle Land's End to John O'Groates. Even Fay had a ride on it in Rutherglen complete with STIs and drops. Well we've got a folding caravan so maybe we need a folding bike or two!!!
Off to Dubbo via Temora. Don't forget the party is on Saturday... so we'd better keep moving.
Stats on the trip in a few days.


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