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Saturday, October 29, 2005

G is for GROWTH

Well, my brother would say G is for GOLF and the other brother would say G is for GOD and some of think that G stands for GREY NOMADS! When the inflatable kayak goes under the waves (see picture) G stands for GLUG GLUG!!
Seriously, G stands for GOALS and GROWTH. Here is what GROWTH stands for.

GOAL - what do you want to achieve?

REALITY - what's happening now?

OPTIONS - What could you do?

WILL - What will you do?

TACTICS - How and when will you do it?

HABITS - How will you sustain your success?

Thanks to Mandy O'Bree for her coaching tips. Too often we want to GROW but we're not sure what to do next. So, we stay stagnant. If you want to grow, then set goals. That's the way to go. And Jeremy always reckons.... if you want to really commit to something, you have to share it with a "significant other".

Are you into GROWTH? Or just kayaking?


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