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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

E is for EARLY

As I pen this, I'm looking out the window of Debbie & Brendan's apartment (daughter & son-in-law). I'm right in the city of Sydney - on the 4th floor. It's 5 am. It's beautiful. The city is just waking up.
If there's a game of cricket or tennis - I love to be early. If there's a plane or train to catch - I love to be early.
I love to take photos of sunrises.
Today I'm riding in the Sydney Spring Cycle. It's a 50 km ride from North Sydney to the Olympic Stadium. We have to be at the start at 7 am. (Geoff's idea!) We are picking up Kelvin Castlehow at 6:30 am. Which means we must leave here at 6:15 am. Kel's a BFB mate I cycled across Aust with in 2003. It's great that he's riding today. We've got him a helmet, a drink bottle, a company bike jersey and a bike! Hope he's got the rest. I'm riding the Burley Duet with daughter Deb. Fay gets to sleep in & then go shopping with Toni (Kel's wife).All 3 of my kids are more like Fay - but as for me - I like to be early. Are you more like me or more like Fay?

PS Who said you've gotta do this alphabetically? What do you think D should stand for?


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