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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

B is for Balance

I believe it’s important to have balance in your life. You need to ensure your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas are being looked after.
Physically - I try to cycle 100 km each week. Tennis has featured about 4 times in the last week! Poor knees! Mentally, well, I’m organising O/S 06 which is taking quite a bit of planning. Reading is an important aspect of mental fitness. And crossword puzzles. Emotionally it’s important to have people you can share problems with. And you need to be able to chat with your partner about issues rather than letting them just brood and fester. (Bad combination eh?) And spiritually… well, for me it’s attending church regularly and hopefully a small group and/or a prayer meeting. Yes, it’s important to feed all areas to get a balance. Which areas do you find the most difficult? (I doubt I’ll have anyone game enough to chat with me on this issue!) Guess's mental health week this week. If you get the balance wrong, it can lead to physical and/or mental ill health.


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