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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bike for Bibles Ride Report (Thurs)

101 km today…but 45 of them were against a strong wind. We went out to Wongarbon and returned to Dubbo via Ballimore. There was one casualty when a rider went down going round a corner where there was a bunch of gravel. He lost a bit of skin but still had his sense of humour. He reckoned he was able to save his bike from real harm. That’s how you can tell a real cycling addict. When you’re as old as I am, you don’t fancy coming off your bike because it seems to take ages to heal. Guess that comes with the territory as you get a bit older eh?
I had another turn on the Meers’ tandem with Cheryl….a Cannondale called Dale (original guys!) Some of the riders hit around 70 kph coming down into town but I figured I’d take it a bit easy and was content with 54.
So tomorrow we head off for Molong (a tougher ride than we’ve had around Dubbo) and then the next day to Blayney and then finally to Blackheath (Blue Mountains). Fay will come and collect me in Blackheath and we’ll probably head home on Sunday night… or Monday!
Recent rains have broken the back of the drought in many parts of NSW. The countryside that we’ve travelled through has been magnificent with a fair bit of water lying about in paddocks. The crops look great too. Knees are holding up well I must tell you. Maybe by the end of the ride I’ll be in top shape. Let’s hope so. I’ll write a post when the ride is over.


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